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Fab Fit Fun Summer 2018 Box

Have you tried Fab Fit Fun?!

Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly curated subscription box that includes products designed by female run businesses (YAS). I have been drooling over them for years.

Summer 2018 Fab Fit Fun Box

Summer 2018 Fab Fit Fun Box

Full of super cute products, popular brands and adorable packaging, how could you not be tempted? I have held off due to the costly US exchange, but this Summer Box changed my mind!

The contents are unreal! With brand names like Tarte, Coola, Vasanti and FOREA – I couldn’t say no! The price of this box is $49.99USD + $8 Shipping which translates to roughly $CDN. With a  $10 coupon thats around $60!

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$60. That’s all. For allllll of this??

Let’s get into it!

In the Fab Fit Fun Summer 2018 box I received;

Summer 2018 Fab Fit Fun Box Tarte Tartiest Pro Glow PaletteTarte Tartiest Pro Glow Palette

This palette is gorgeous! The highlighters are smooth and creamy and the cream contour shade is great for light to medium skin tones. This is definitely going in my pro makeup! My clients are so lucky 😉

Summer 2018 Fab Fit Fun Box Coola Classic Face SPF 50

Coola Classic Face SPF 50

Coola makes organic skincare and I’ve wanted to try thier sunscreen for years! Its a large enough bottle to contain a fair bit of product, but small enough that this little guy is going to be in my purse all summer!





Summer 2018 Fab Fit Fun Box Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

I love a good peel. All year. But this box is theme for summer and has all kinds of goods to keep your skin fresh. I’ll let you know what I think about this one in a future post!







Summer 2018 Fab Fit Fun Box Jaboneria Marianella Body Caviar

Jaboneria Marianella Body Caviar

This product sexy.

It’s Gold.

It’s Black.

It looks like rich Caviar.

It goes all over your naked body haha!
I can’t wait to try it!



Summer & Rose Beach Towel

Summer 2018 Fab Fit Fun Box Summer & Rose Beach Towel

Ok so this is a real first world problem, but I have been to the beach so many times in the past couple weeks, that all my beach towels have been in the laundry!! This one is super cute and microfiber thin, so it will dry quickly on beach days. No one likes a musty towel! I’ve used this towel as a backdrop in all my photos so you can see how beautiful it is. Wrapped up, you really can’t tell.



Summer 2018 Fab Fit Fun Box Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Regenerator

Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Regenerator

Vasanti is a Canadian brand and I’m so excited that they made it into this coveted American based Fab Fit Fun Box. As I mentioned, I’ve been at the beach a fair bit, and unfortunately got a bit of a burn. My forehead started peeling last night and I immediately reached for this. Its a very fine microscrub (think microdermabrasion) and left my face feeling and looking super smooth. I love this product and think it would d equally well on dull winter skin.


Summer 2018 Fab Fit Fun Box Pier One Imports Marble Ring Dish

Pier One Imports Marble Ring Dish


I have to admit I’m guilty of buying way too many of these sort of dishes and really don’t wear a lot of rings LOL This is super cute though and I’m glad it came in the box. If I can’t find a place to put it, it will make a lovely addition to a gift.








Forea Luna FOFO $89USD

This is the piece de la resistance.
The reason I was finally convinced to jump on the Fab Fit Fun Box train.

I purchased a sephora favorites kit in November that contained the FOREA Luna Play. I was heading to Thailand and would be in multiple hostels, Airbnb‘s and even a sleeper train! So carrying my Clarisonic around with no time to dry off between locations seemed like a real P.I.T.A. The Forea Luna Play is small, comes with a carrying case and is easy to dry off, as its made of silicone.

It was lovely, and easy to travel with, but its only good for 100 uses, and then it goes to a landfill 🙁

When I heard about the Luna Fofo being included in this box, I couldn’t stop myself!

Its an immensely upgraded version of the product and I had to have it!


Waterproof and Submersible

Two zones of Silicone Touchpoints

Includes Two Removable AA batteries

Gold Plate Sensors provide Skin Hydration Analysis

Builds a personalized Sonic Pulsation Cleansing Routine

Syncs to the FOREO For You App

Summer 2018 Fab Fit Fun Box FOREO Luna Fofo


To purchase all of the items in this box, I would have had to fork out $302.99 USD. But again, I paid $60 CDN.

Un. Real.

Get $10 off your first Fab Fit Fun Box right here!

To see my Fab Fit Fun Unboxing, check out my Instagram!

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