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May 28, 2018
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Big, Beautiful Wedding Hair!

We’ve been getting a lot of requests this summer for Big, BEAUTIFUL, Wedding Hair and we understand why!

There’s no time like a wedding day to be pampered with a glamourous style, and look like a showstopper!

We thought we’d break down what goes into these styles, the time it takes and ultimately, what you’re dying to know – THE COST.

Beautiful, show stopping, curly, goddess-like styles popularized by amazing renowned artists like the amazing Elstile have been popping up all over Pinterest and Instagram, and are giving us all serious #HairGoals!
Have a look! It’s clear to see why people love her work!

Photo’s above are work by Elstile and her team, and are used here for information purposes only. Copyright Elstile.

These styles take HOURS of work!

Looks like this can take between 2 – 3 hours to complete! These types of looks are typically set up for brand photoshoots where the artist as a full morning to play, spray, and coax a head of hair into submission while fine tuning each wave.

These styles are very heavy and sometimes fragile!

A model for a hairstyle like this reported that the style was just as stunning if not moreso in person; but it was heavy, she felt as if turning her head would ruin the style, and was immobilized by the weight of many extensions, and fillers . The loose curls and cascading waves are pinned beautifully, but she worried they wouldn’t last.

Is this style for you?

If you are hoping to recreate one of these wedding hair looks for your day, take into consideration:
  • Hot Hot or Humid Will it Be?
  • Is it Windy?
  • Do you Like Hairspray? (These look can use an entire can)
  • Do you Plan on Dancing?
  • How Much Time do you Have to get Ready?
  • How Long/Thick is your Natural Hair?
  • What is your Extension Budget?
  • And finally, what is your Total Budget?

Have you budgeted enough for Wedding Hair?

How much were you planning to spend on wedding hair? You may be surprised to learn that Elstile charges $600USD for a brides hair and makeup. That tells me these styles are approximately $400USD which is at the time of writing $518CDN.
Our rates for basic bridal hairstyling can be found here.

Be upfront with your stylist!

Most of us would love to have one of these wedding hair looks grace our instagram feeds to show off our skills and hairstyling prowess 😉 We’re in a review based industry and and we want to makeup our clients happy – first and foremost!
Do be aware that the initial wedding hair quote you received may increase once you present one of these looks. Your appointment time will likely be doubled (or more, depending on the artist), products will be more costly, and there’s a chance that the hairstylist you’ve chosen might not actually be able to achieve it based on thier skills, experience, or your hair texture!
Being upfront with your wedding hair dreams in first place means the artist you’ve chosen can quote you correctly, and can ensure that you will have time on your day to complete the look, so you can walk down the aisle like the goddess you are, on time!